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Market Studio Kitchen Nurtures Budding Chefs In Detroit’s Eastern Market

Miranda Clark

40 works of art and two specialty hogs: that’s what guests will have a chance to bid on in a silent auction Saturday to benefit a new venture in Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood.

That inclusivity is a testament to the way food, art, job training, culture and pleasure intersect at Market Studio Kitchen, a small, experimental school founded by Leon Johnson. Johnson is an educator, artist and chef living in Eastern Market.

MSK teaches cooking and nutrition basics in a larger context that celebrates eating and examines the connectivity of our food system. In its first stage, the school has had its first three classes, three weeks each with 45 students total. MSK paired with North Oakland Vocational Association, an organization that provides skill building and job training programs to individuals with developmental disabilities.

“One of the first priorities when we started laying out the vision is that we would not prescribe a curriculum,” Johnson said. “So for the last nine weeks we were learning from them, based on questions and [their existing] food narratives.”

For many of them, using knives, preparing simple dishes and even buying food were new experiences.

“None of them recognized an avocado, or held a tomato,” Johnson said. “One of the questions we got from [student] Cherelle Hasberry is, ‘This what’s on a McDonald’s [sandwich]?'”

Students were exposed to the process that puts food on their plate, learning necessary skills along the way. They received budgets and went shopping at Eastern Market, where they met farmers who grew the vegetable they used when making salsa and guacamole.

At each step along the way, conversations addressed the larger role of food and its place in their lives. Rather than follow the recipe for salsa to the letter, they were encouraged to make changes with their team, take ownership over what they created and think about who they would be serving it to.

“There was a whole bunch of vegetables I’ve never heard of,” said Marcel, a 16-year-old who was referred to NOVA by a Children’s Center program that he credits for helping him deal with anger and social issues. “Learning a way to cook, it’s a great opportunity. I’m going to cook for my mother, my aunt.”

“A core principle of Market Studio Kitchen is how fast can we turn it around,” Johnson explained. “So their application can be turned around within 24 hours.”

Marcel went home after his first day and attempted to cook one of his favorite foods, french fries.

Johnson, who seeks to show the pleasure involved in food said he was surprised, and inspired by how fast students who had little experience “got it.”

“The biggest a**kicker was how easy it moved into ownership,” he said. “And then a kind of terror kicks in because how is this possible to sustain in the rest of flowchart that constitutes their lives. They got into a van at 3 o’clock and went into other systems that were calibrated differently.”

Each three-week class ended with a pop-up restaurant, where students learned the roles of restaurant workers, designed menus and thought about decor. The immersive experience prepared students to work with food, as well as teaching them social skills and boosting confidence.

“I want to get a job [at MotorCity Casino] and show them what I can do,” said 34-year-old LaToya Webster.

Clara Hasberry came to the pop-up restaurant for her 23-year-old daughter Cherrelle Hasberry’s graduation.

“I was hoping she could take on some healthy skills, how to cook fresh vegetables, how to shop,” Hasberry said about her daughter, who lives with her and has Asperger’s syndrome. “She knows everything about a computer, but the social skills … when it come to people she can shy away.”

“When she came to the table and said, ‘May I take your order,’ I almost hit the floor,” Hasberry said.


What to Look For in a Good Towel Warmer

the best of towel warmers

Believe it or not, but if you really want to bring home the best towel warmers possible, you have to pay attention to some really important things.

And the bad news is, most people don’t even know what they should look for.

But today, I will share with you all the important things you need in order to pick up a good towel warmer for you and your family.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of the towel warmer. As you might know, there are a ton of different choices on the market right now.

But they’re pretty much divided into the following categories: the versatile and modern electric towel warmers, the dedicated towel warmers for bathroom, and the special towel warmers used in spas or salons.

Each one of them has for its own some pros and cons. And your job is to determine whether or not you’re OK with the pros and cons of them.

Another thing you will have to remember is all about the price. The reason is because these towel warmers are not cheap. And they can cost you a lot if you’re not careful in selection.

If you want, I highly recommend buying a small towel warmer that fits your area. But if you have some money to burn, then consider picking up a luxury wall mounted towel warmer.

They all have very good features and can easily bring you a ton of benefits.

Now, in order to pick up a good towel warmer, you have to put these tips into action. But I believe that it’s not the hard part for you, right?

What to Look For in a Good Shower Head

the shower heads that make you love showering

Are you thinking about buying a good new shower head?

Have you made any decision on what model should you buy yet?

Truth is, if you know the following buying criteria, you will find yourself in a much better situation where you can effortlessly pick up the best shower heads at the prices you would love to have.

Sounds good?

Then let’s dive into this subject right now.

The first thing you should take a look at when buying shower heads is durability.

There are many types of shower heads. I can name some of them such as the famous rain shower heads, or the flexible handheld shower heads, or the all-round functional dual shower heads. But no matter what your choice would be, always choose the one that can last for a long time.

Because when you bring the shower head home and have it attached on the wall, there will be a lot of different ways you can damage it. In that case, the most durable products will survive.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is water pressure.

There are mainly two different types of shower heads on the market when it comes to water flow.

You have the low flow shower heads for homes with good water pressure. And you also can choose the high pressure shower heads for household with weak water stream. These products are there to satisfy both parties of customers.

If your home has a powerful stream of water, you can adjust it down with a low flow shower head.

But if you have a pretty weak stream of water flow, then consider amplify it with a good new high pressure shower head.

These guidelines are by no means exhaustive.

But I believe that they will help you make a much better decision.

Because when you become more knowledgeable on a subject matter, you will have for your own better decisions.